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Book Review

Mission Statement: all reviews will be my honest assesment on the material in queston. My opinion will never be influenced by personal bias or my opinion of the author.

Eat Stop Eat Review

“Discover why one simple change to the way you eat will make you forget about every other super-complicated weight loss and diet program"

"The Eat Stop Eat method of using flexible intermittent fasting for weight loss is so completely uncomplicated that you can literally start the program the minute you finish reading this book. You don't need to buy any fancy foods or special diet supplements. You will start seeing results today!"

- Brad Pilon

Who is this book for?

Anyone interested in intermittent fasting; the science behind it, as a lifestyle or as a way to lose fat.

What will I learn from it?

Besides learning how to practise the Eat Stop Eat lifestyle, this book covers topics pertaining to intermittent fasting and metabolism, health, body composition, hormonal effects and much more.

Strong points

* Very newbie friendly, yet well referenced and scientificly accurate. This is the only book on the market with a substantial collection of research on intermittent fasting.

* Does a good job of dispelling the diet myths ('starvation mode' etc)

* An enjoyable reading experience.

Weak points

* There are no calorie/macronutrient specific guidelines given in this book, which might be a problem for some people. Of course, if you have a good grasp on calorie counting and such, this is a non-issue. On the other hand, I think Brad left out meal plans/nutrional guidelines intentionally, since he pushes this as a lifestyle diet rather than a 'diet' diet, so to speak.

* As for training, Brad refers to some of his affiliates, which feels like a cheap way out of having to come up with something of his own. It woudn't have hurt to put some basic workout templates in the book.


This is the best book about intermittent fasting you can get at the moment. Not a hard title to grab, seeing that there aren't that many around, but it's actually a surprisingly good read; it's written in laymans language, simple and easy to understand, but remains solid on the scientific side of things. I particularily liked that Brad choose not to skimp on the reference list. The main downside as I see it, is that it is a bit vague when it comes to the practical side of things (what to eat, how to train).

Eat Stop Eat Audiofiles Review

Click link and then click 'order form' on eatstopeat page to view this product

Who is this product for?

Anyone interested in the science and technicalities behind intermittent fasting.

What will I learn from it?

Brad speaks about intermittent fasting and how it relates to hormones, health, muscle/fat metabolism and exercise.

Strong points

* Covers the topic in fairly technical terms, but doesn't get over the top. Anyone should be able to understand and follow along after having read the book.

* Complements the book nicely.

* I particularily liked the chapter on insulin resistance and growth hormone.

Weak points

* Some type of lame new age music playing in the background. That, in combination with Brad's voice, made me sleepy at times.


Complements the book very well and I found the discussion interesting, despite being well versed in the topic myself.


Chris said...

Good review Martin - I'd agree with you on all points. The audio files are really good too (I've reviewed them as well) - but technical and not as "newbie friendly" as the book.

On another point, have you read much of Berardi's material - Precision Nutrition / Metabolism Advantage? It seems pretty good re macros and nutirent timing.

Martin Berkhan said...

Thanks, Chris.

I appreciated the technical parts of the audio files; since the book is fairly 'easy', the audio files complement the book nicely and makes the package more attractive to a broader audience.

I actually happen to have Precision Nutrition by Berardi, but I haven't read it yet. From what I've gathered, the feedback has been quite mixed. I might review it soon enough, who knows.

Danielle said...

Hi Martin! I'd love to see you review Precision Nutrition! I believe that the fundamentals are pretty solid but he is *such* a proponent of small frequent feedings. LOVE what you do - keep blogging!! :-)

Chris said...

Hi martin,

I found your website a long time ago when I was giving Eat Stop Eat a try and curious about IF. What I didn't like about ESE was working out on fasting days and not being able to eat a post workout meal. Brad Pilon says that it isn't a problem, since all meals are in theory pre- and post- workout..even if it's day later.

Your fasting system differs from this by scheduling the eating periods around the workouts(that is if I remember correctly, since I haven't visited your site in a long time). I'm surprised you didn't mention this difference in your review, and was therefore wondering what your thoughts are on this?



Hank said...

I like this diet because i find it easier than a 19/5 fast. Great blog, keep it up!

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